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About me

About Me

Hello, I´m Babs! I´m Brazilian, but now I live in Stockholm. I was born in Santarém – The pearl of the Tapajós. From Santarém to Stockholm, I have lived in Niteroi (RJ), Macaé (RJ) and Halmstad (Sweden). Moved from Santarém to Rio de Janeiro, looks like difficult, until I came here, in the Cold Sweden. I never forget my first words when I feeling the cold of Sweden: “I want to go back home, now!!!!!”

But now, I´m “adapted” and for survive the icy winter in Sweden, I started to do a lot more crochet, embroidery and I was almost ¨crazy¨ about DIY. I started sewing, painting with watercolor and doing “almost” all DIYs that I found on the internet.
Therefore, to increase the movement Do it yourself, or at least try, that I decided to start writing the blog.
So, Babs is about it: about cute little things of the handmade world. Simple things that can be embroidered, sewn, crocheted and even who knows ¨decorate life¨.

You also can find me:


or my Etsy Shop:


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