Förgätmigej – Don’t forget me

When I came to Sweden I had to learn Swedish. Specially because I could only speak Portuguese and little English.

I started like everyone else, by learning the basic sentences like: “Hej! Hur mår du?” “Vad heter du?” and blá-blá-blá. Now, I can actually read books! Ja! Jag kan läsa på Svenska! 🤓😊 Currently, I am reading a chronicle literature written by Hanna Helquist, where I found a great description of a little blue flower with an unusual name: “Förgätmigej” (Förgät-mig-ej), or in English “Don’t forget me!”.

Foto: Thinkstock

According to Hanna, the flower was named after a story of a little boy who wanted to give a bouquet for his loved one. 💙💑 Yes! It would be romantic story if it were not be tragic one! Unfortunately, this boy never gave the bouquet for his loved one, because he fell into a pit before it. His last words were: “Don’t forget me!” 😰

But, anyway, after I read that great literature chronicle, the picture of this flower sticked into my mind. Sadly I could not find it, but I found a crochet pattern of it! 😊 So I decided to crochet.


Do you also want to crochet this peculiar flower? Please take a look here: Mysotósis palústris: Forget-me-nots and have fun by making a Förgätmigej.


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