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Lia, the Amigurumi Succulent

Ever since I can remember, my family’s house is full of plants. Plants with fruits and without fruits, plants with flowers and without flowers and also plastic plants.

My mom loves plants of all kinds, gardens and flowers, so when I was living with my parents I had to water the plants pretty much every day. At that time I though it was really boring. However, along the time I’ve discovered my love for plants and my saga of watering plant hasn’t have an ending. 🙂 My dream is to have a kitchen garden, where I can grow different kinds of vegetables. Unfortunately, Sweden is too cold for many of plants that I know  but not for one: the Amigurumi Plant Lia, my lovely succulent.

When I saw this amigurumi succulent it was “love at first sight”, so I said for myself: “I need to crochet her now!”.

Said and done!

BeFunky Collage


The lovely Lia is a cute succulent plant. At first I thought that would be quite easy to crochet her. What a loverly mistake. It was really hard to bring Lia to life. For that work, I used one pattern from Amour Fou by Carla Mitrani, who has amazing crochet patterns and made Flora, that is the cousin of Lia.

Now, Lia is my new friend and she is living on my little garden. She can also be part of your garden!  Lia, the lovely succulent, is available on my etsy store.

With love,


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