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Almost Christmas – Christmas Wreath

Christmas is coming, baby!! 🎄

This will be my first Christmas in Sweden – the cold Sweden.

I started my Christmas decoration early this year but until yesterday I didn’t have one Christmas Wreath. I could have bought one but I wanted to make my own Christmas Wreath.

My first idea was to crochet, but I haven’t found any pattern that I liked. So I had one brilliant idea: 💡 make one wreath with pine cones! Here in Stockholm there is so many pine trees and so many pine cones!

Unfortunately after all the rain and snow that we had last couple of weeks, the pine cones weren’t looking so beautiful… ☹️

Think, Babs! Think! You don’t need pine cones, you have pine branches!

Tcharaaaaaam! 🤩

My Christmas Wreath with pine branches!

To make this I used pine branches, cardboard, ribbon and creativity.

I’m so happy with my handmade Christmas Wreath. Easy and cheap! 🤗

See you in the next post!

With love,


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