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Almost Christmas II – Waffle Amigurumi Reindeer

Hello my lovely readers ☺️

How’s everything going?

Here is almost Christmas and I have already started decorating my home with my Christmas style: a bunch of lamps, my Christmas tree, St Claus and lovely Pine Cones (those that I found here near my home last week).

For me, Christmas is all about love and I like to enjoy this day with my family and friends. It’s time to share love and all the good things that you have. To share love, I made this lovely Amigurumi Reindeer and decided to give to decorate another house.

His name is Waffle and to crochet him I used Cotton Saffran yarn, fiberfill and plastic safety eyes. The pattern is by Tales of Twister Fibers. It is free and available here.

To celebrate “The Christmas Time” I’ll announce the winner 🏅of Waffle on 10th December 2017.

The promotion is on Instagram and if you also will take Waffle to your home, go to my Instagram page and know what do you need to do for to have him in your Christmas decoration. You still have time!

With love,

Babs 💙

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