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Almost Christmas III – Christmas Crib

Christmas greetings dear readers! 💙

I’m in my “ChristmasTime” and today I will talk about my first Christmas Crib in Amigurumi form.

The Christmas Crib or Nativity scene is a representation of the birth of Jesus. Usually a Christmas Crib has Jesus, Mary, Joseph and some animals. In my version of that there is only Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

I crocheted this for one special friend and I hope she likes it. 🙂

I used one Spanish pattern from Lalala Toys and I loved the way she explained the how to make it. It was so easy and so well written. I think that even a absolute begginer on chrocheting can do it. So I need to say “Thank you” to Lalala Toys! Thank you so much!

I hope you’ve liked my Christmas Crib as much as I did 😀 !

See you in the next post!

With love,


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