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Granny Stitch Crochet Blanket (Free Pattern)

This week has been dark and cold here, and this is only the beginning of winter in Sweden! But by the grace of warm sweaters, socks and my fluffy crochet blanket, I’ve survived. 🙂

I knew that the winter would be cold, so a couple of weeks ago I started the mission called “Warm Winter”. The main idea was to crocheted one fluffy and warm blanket. The Crochet Blanket was our “company” (me and my husband) for a cold afternoon, watching a movie and eating popcorn in the Christmas day.

Making this soft crochet blanket is easy. I used only basic stitches! 🙂 You just need time and patience. I started my blanket a long time ago (31/10) and finished on 08/12. Yes! Making  it takes time! First because I crocheted just in my free time, usually when I was watching TV, and second because I wanted to make a big, very big, blanket.

To crocheted my blanket I used approximately 69 balls of Split garn in colours black, white and grey with a hook nr 7. The blanket has approximately 2 x 2,30 meters.

Now you just need choose your favourite granny stitch and starting to make your fluffy crochet blanket.

No idea about witch one granny stitch choose? Click here and see few suggestions.

Happy blanket making!

With love,



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