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Rick, the grandfather of Morty

Hello there!

As we say in Brazil 🇧🇷 “the year only starts after the Carnival!”

So the year has started here at Bab’s Create and I’m back with a post about an interesting new friend, Rick – the grandfather of Morty. Actually, he is a new friend of my husband (João), but I’ m not a big fan of him. He’s not really my type of guy. 😜

But the away, do you know who is him? 🤔

Rick is a character of an American science-fiction animation. He is a scientist and lives the most strangest adventures with his grandchild Morty. The animation is available on the Netflix and João has been expending a considerable time watching this “nice series”. (Nice to him 😬)

So, I made one Amigurumi Rick for João as a Christmas gift and the result of that you can see below.

You can’t imagine how much time I spend just to crochet his peculiar hair but in the end I was quite satisfied with the result and despite Rick’s grumpy face, I think that if he could see himself in this Amigurumi form, he also would be happy. 😂😅

Christmas gift crocheted with success, so lets open the new Amigurumi season of this year! 🎉🙌🏾 I’m full of ideas about which amigurumis I will crochet and hope to have more time to share my crochets here.

If you also like Rick and Morty and want to have one Rick or Morty or maybe Pickle Rick, fell free to contact me. It will be a pleasure to talk to you.

With love,

Babs 💙

P.S. In this exactly time that I’m writing this post, guess… Joao is watching Ryck and Morty! Oh mygooood! 😅

Pattern: TinaL. crafts

4 thoughts on “Rick, the grandfather of Morty”

  1. Hi Bab,
    I hope you and João are well.
    Your work is very beautiful and delicate. I loved your “amigurumis”. They are very creative and funny.
    I would like one these to give Juliana(my daughter). I don’t know how to get them.


    1. Hello Marla,
      First of all I’m so sorry for the late reply. I and João doing very well. Stockholm is a beautiful city, you should come here to visit us. ☺️
      So, about the amigurumi, I can make one and send to Juliana by a post. We can discuss the details on the private messenger.
      Babs 💙


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