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Marina, the amiguruni alpaca

I know that the unicorn πŸ¦„ is a “moda” oh the moment and I was decided to make one of it. But during my researching about the unicorns I found one pattern from Pica Pau. So, my plans to make one unicorn disappear and I started to crochet Marina, this little yellow alpaca. ☺️

Crocheted Marina was a good and pleasurable work. I don’t know why! Maybe the colors or her happy face or the video that I did with her but for me crocheted her was amazing! 😊

By the away, you need to see the video! It’s awesome!

She is a good dancer, isn’t she? 😁 And with this energy and swing I wish you a great day! πŸ’™

If you also like Marina or her “pompons”, I have a great new to you: Yes, baby! She is available on my Etsy shop. Take a look there or contact me here πŸ˜‰

“See” you in the next post! 😊

With love,

Babs πŸ’™

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