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Happy Easter! Amigurumi Bunny

Easter is almost here and it is going to be my second Easter in Sweden. ☺️ Last year I could see how different we celebrate Easter in Brazil. I don’t mean from the religion perspective but “decorations and symbols”.

To my surprise, in Sweden, is a bit different! Here the symbols are chicken, eggs – not chocolate eggs – real colored eggs 🐣. Many schools or families organise Easter egg hunts, giving children clues and riddles to help them to track the sweets down. Last year I heard a Cocoricó 🐥 and this was the kids and they family looking for the eggs. Unfortunately I could not take photos but it is still in my memory.

On Maundy Thursday (skärtorsdag) the kids with painted faces and broomsticks knocking on doors asking for “bus eller godis”, that means “trick or treat”, much like American children do at Halloween.

And if you think that you have tried all soft drinks you are wrong! Here they also have a peculiar soft drink special to this time, the “påskmust” – Easter-must. How can I describe the taste? I can’t!! It is really peculiar 😅

But what about amigurumi? Yes! I crocheted those cute amigurumi bunnies 🐰 to celebrate Easter and I hope that you also have a happy Easter!

This amigurumi partens is made by SMJ and you can found this here.  

If you are interested on the Amigurumi bunny, take a look on my Etsy Shop and if you want to know more about Easter in Sweden, come here or take a look here.

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